Historical Beijing Views and Cuisine

Check into a historic Hutong hotel, enjoy a complimentary bottle of champagne while overlooking Beijing’s imperial quarters, and sink your teeth into a succulent duck at Beijing’s most famous duck restaurant.

Imperial China

Start the day by visiting the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park, the emperor’s personal retreat. A multi-course lunch will be served at an authentic Imperial restaurant, which you’ll burn off with a bike ride through Beijing’s historic Hutong alleyways. Enjoy dinner at China’s first Post-Mao privatized restaurant.

Tea & Farm-to-Table Cuisine

Spend the morning learning about Chinese teas at the historic trading alley of the Silk Road days. Hike the unrestored part of the Grew Wall and enjoy a dinner of fresh barbecued fish and wild vegetables gathered from around the Great Wall.

Dinner at a Zen Temple

Start the day with a tour of the local market and a cooking lesson, visit the Temple of Heaven, and enjoy a leisurely lunch of China’s best snack foods on the high speed bullet train to Zhengzhou. Join Zen Buddhist Warrior Monks  for training at Shaolin Temple, followed by an elaborate dinner prepared by monks before checking in to an ancient nunnery, now a guest house.

Buddhist Immersion

Meditate with the monks at sunrise, join them for breakfast, and take a tour of the birthplace of Kung Fu. Next you’ll visit the Damo’s Cave, where an Indian monk meditated for 9 years before creating Chinese Zen Buddhism. Later that day, you’ll head to the ancient capital city of Luoyang and explore the historic city by night.

Splendor of the Tang Dynstasty

After a brisk morning walk through the ancient capital Luoyang’s markets, you’ll board a brief train to Xi’an, the capital of China’s most opulent dynasty: the Tang Dynasty. After an afternoon visit to the Shaanxi historical museum you’ll spend the afternoon exploring the ancient marvels of the city, and learning to make dumplings before enjoying a traditional dumpling banquet and a Tang Dynasty performance.

The Middle Kingdom

After exploring one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Terra Cotta Warriors – you’ll return to the city and visit the Muslim Quarters, one of the world’s most amazing street food venues, featuring dishes from all of China’s ancient trade partners and local specialties. After a decadent lunch you’ll take a bicycle bike ride on the ancient city walls and board a flight to Chengdu, the spiciest and most relaxed city on earth.

Heart of Sichuan

Start the day in Wuhuoci Temple, and then enjoy a long, leisurely lunch of Sichuan street foods on Jinli Street. Later in the day you’ll meet Sichuan’s most famous residents at the Giant Panda Sanctuary and enjoy a dinner at the world-famous Kuan Xiangzi, home to the best Sichuan chef in China.

E Mei Moutain

Spend the day hiking the glorious E Mei Mountain, eat a lunch of freshly picked mountain vegetables, and visit the world’s largest Buddha, before settling down in a luxury hot spring hotel. You’ll reconvene for a dinner of lesser known but more impressive Sichuanese dishes.

Delve Deep into Sichuan

Start the day by visiting the Sichuan Foods Museum, where you’ll learn how to make its most famous ingredient, and then attend a Sichuan cuisine cooking lesson and a hot pot dinner. After dinner the group will fly to Tianjin and check into the historic Astor Hotel in the old concession area, where President Hoover used to live alongside with the most influential politicians of the 20th century.

Tianjin Historical Concession

Explore the historic hotels where modern Asian history was forged and learn about the decisions that gave birth to modern China. Afterwards, you’ll spend the afternoon rummaging through Tianjin’s local snack street and antique mall, and try the famous Jianbing Guozi, Baozi and other snack foods, before driving back to Beijing.

Final Adventure in Beijing

Spend the day grazing your way through one of Beijing’s historical snack streets, also the hub of Chinese unique art. After you’re done selecting handmade gifts for your friends back home, you’ll enjoy a final group lunch in a historic courtyard restaurant.