Chef Jeff Gao 

Jeff GaoJeff broke into the culinary scene with a boom in 2012 when he launched Little Yunnan Restaurant. Within months of opening, Little Yunnan won the people’s choice for best new restaurant in Beijing, a city with 100,000 restaurants. In 2015, Little Yunnan was ranked the 11th best restaurant in Beijing on TripAdvisor. Currently, Jeff runs an authentic noodle bar and dumpling shop in Boulder, Colorado, called Flower Pepper Restaurant.

Jeff has always had a passion for food. Growing up in a small village in northern China at the end of the Cultural Revolution, food was limited to tough corn bread, pickled vegetables, and the occasional small piece of preserved meat. As luck would have it, he was assigned to a college in Guilin, and immediately fell in love with all of the exotic flavors and thick, chewy rice noodles the region is known for.

After graduation, he slowly made his way back north and started Cycle China, an adventure travel company that still hosts exciting adventures all over China to this day. “People loved the biking, but even more sinking their teeth into really amazing local dishes at the end of a long day. This is how I came up with the concept for China Culinary Adventures.

About CCA Travel

China Culinary Adventures is an active travel agency offering food tours in Beijing and around China. Every single one of our staff members is obsessed with food, history and adventure, and an expert in the areas you’ll be traveling and the foods you’ll be eating.

While we’ve worked with many big clients like National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and Ikea, we treasure the personal experiences that we make with people, and have kept in touch with many of them throughout the years.

And one more thing before we let you meet the team: we’ve always kept the promise that is at the base of our company: to show you the best of China, and to keep you safe from all the scams that other agencies use to make a quick buck, like visits to their friend’s restaurants, unplanned visits to shopping centers with expensive souvenirs, etc. Why? Because we travel a lot and we’d be really upset if that happened to us.