Jeff Gao is a serial entrepreneur who strives to bring the best of China’s diverse culinary culture to tables around the world.

His entrepreneurial journey began selling instant noodles for a margin during his undergraduate years in Guilin, a cultural hot spot known for its stunning scenery and fresh rice noodles with rich stock and pungent pickled vegetables.

Out of college, he started Cycle China, China’s first outdoor adventure tour agency, leading leaders, journalists and travelers from around the world around China’s most beautiful places, and treating them to authentic dishes once they’d worked up an appetite.

After the Beijing Olympics, he invested his life saving’s to save a small courtyard restaurant from demise and opened Little Yunnan, which won best new restaurant the following year.

When Gao saw the crawfish trend rising, he immediately developed a number of recipes and began one of Beijing’s most popular crawfish businesses, Hongjianghu. 4 years later, people still line up at the beginning of the season to order the first batch.

After moving to the US with his wife and dog in 2013, he set about filling the void in authentic Chinese foods in America and launched Flower Pepper Restaurant, a concept that brought China’s best noodle and dumpling dishes to life in a small eatery, giving people a true taste of China.

Currently, Gao is working with a number of restaurants to design recipes.